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Zack started landscaping with a 1986 Oldsmobile Regency that’s windows were permanently stuck in the up position. One can imagine that a venture such as landscaping got pretty interesting when he had to transport 30 shrubs or haul 500 pounds of stone. Things got better when he partnered up with Cody and they created Brother Nature in 2007. As Brother Nature grew they enlisted the help of David and Bryce.

We now have 17 years combined experience in the green industry.  At the core of our business is a passion for gardening, plants, and nature, while each employee brings unique skills and knowledge to the company.


zackZack Dunkin

Zack is a gardening and nature enthusiast. He studies gardening on his own and through classes at Brookside Gardens. He has gone through the Master Gardener program as well. He is the co-owner of Brother Nature. He is a site manager, creates designs, and oversees installations. His other interests include hiking and photography.

Specialties: Trees and Shrubs, Rock Gardens, Garden Design

codyCody Pugsley

Cody co-founded Brother Nature along with Zack and manages the business and technology aspects of the company.  He handles the design and building of hardscapes as well. Growing up, he spent a lot of time in the outdoors and has had an appreciation and respect for nature his whole life. His interests include hiking, camping, technology, building, and tinkering.

Specialties: Hardscapes, Technology, Business

davidDavid Scheirer

David creates garden designs, selects plants, and works on jobsites. He has studied gardening though seminars and classes, including the Master Gardener program, and enjoys learning on his own as well. David has a background in art and spends a lot of time painting. His artwork can be viewed on his website: His other interests include collecting fossils and bird watching.

Specialties: Garden Design, Perennials and Annuals, Shade Gardens

bryceBryce Anderson

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