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  • Garden and Hardscape Design: We offer a wide range of professional design options to choose from, ranging from small single page plans to large scale blueprint type designs.

  • New gardens or existing garden renovations: We offer a complete garden service, which includes digging garden beds, preparing the soil, planting, and mulching.  We know time is tight for most, which is why we specialize in low maintenance and perennial gardens.

  • Garden Maintenance: For most clients we recommend some type of maintenance contract.  This can range from a simple spring/fall cleanup and mulching, all the way to weekly garden upkeep and watering.

  • Yard and garden cleanup: Many times a yard can become overwhelming for clients. Maybe your beautiful garden is hidden beneath weeds or perhaps that hedge has grown out of control.  Just thinking about the cleanup can be daunting.  We offer complete garden cleanup including weeding, trimming, mulching, edging, and much more.

  • Mulching:  For those yards that just need a little work and a fresh mulching Brother Nature is there. Usually our maintenance contracts include mulching once or twice a year.

  • Hardscapes: We offer a patios, paths, and retaining walls in a wide range of styles.  Choose from a large selection of pavers and wall stones. We create one of a kind hardscapes that flow seamlessly with the gardens around them.

  • Plant and garden consultation:  For those looking to create their own garden or that just want to know more about their existing one, we offer plant and garden consultations. We will educate you about planning a garden, choosing the right plants, and correct planting and watering techniques,  as well as identify, explain, and advise about your existing plants.  We have full confidence that we can answer your question and advise you on nearly any question, if for some reason you stump us we are committed to researching and finding an answer for you.

  • Plant sitting:  For those going on vacation, be it for a weekend or a season, we offer plant sitting and maintenance. Your indoor plants or outdoor annual containers and hanging baskets will still be looking great when you get back. Long trips away can be especially tough on orchids and we have the knowledge to keep them thriving while your gone.

  • Interior Plant Design / Bonsai:  For businesses or individuals looking at greening up their interior spaces we offer interior plant design. For anyone with a passion or curiosity about bonsai we can teach you the process or perform the upkeep ourselves.

  • Farm Design: We offer complete farm design; from consultation, designs, recommendations, barn layout, organization, fence/arena construction, pasture management, gardens, and more.


Site Surveys: Site surveys are done for most new clients and includes, a site walk-thru where an idea of what the client wants is established, detailed notes of the visit including what is to be done, with an emphasis on the clients specific requests for plants, colors or shapes, and an estimate for the job.  Site surveys usually require two employees; one usually walks through the yard with the client while another follows to take notes.  Another reason for two employees is for throwing around ideas, sometimes the second employee will think of something the first did not that ends up drastically improving the plans. 

Consultations:  We charge a $50/hour fee for consultations.  These usually vary from site surveys in that consultations only require one employee to be present, although two may come as we believe our newer employees should accompany an experienced one to help increase their knowledge.  Consultations usually involve us giving advice to clients with a hands-on attitude that wish to know more.

Designs:  We offer a wide array of designs.  Single regular size paper designs start at $100, while full blueprint sized designs start at $150


We explore your yard and garden, while answering any questions and giving suggestions.  If at the end of a consultation work or a design is desired the steps of a site survey are begun.

Site Survey
We tour the site with you, find out what your desires for your garden are and what you like to see in a garden (specific colors, types of plants) as well as the general feel (formal, cottage, rock, native garden, etc) Once we have a feel for what you want we offer ideas and suggestions and try to learn more about what you like and dislike.  This leads to either writing out an estimate detailing the job, with plants to be used and time it will take, or to the agreement that a design should be done.

Design / Estimate
If an estimate is given and agreed upon we will set up an installation date.  If a design is agreed upon, measurements of your yard will be taken and we will begin working on your design, as well as give you a date when your design will be complete by.  After a design is submitted to you if there are no alterations needed and you agree to continue an installation date will be set.

This is the implementation of the plan or design.  The time when everything that has been agreed upon will be installed, planted, built and cleaned.

After installation is complete you can sign up for a maintenance contract.  While we specialize in low maintenance gardens, there is no such thing as a no maintenance garden.  For people that do not have the time or just want a green thumb to help out a maintenance contract is highly recommended.  We have seen far too many very beautiful gardens ignored, overrun or improperly maintained to not stress the importance of a maintenance contract.

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