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SUMMER - The Correct Way to Water.

wateringSummer can be a tough time to establish new plantings, but it can be done with the correct watering techniques.

The main thing to remember is that you can't overwater by amount, only by frequency. When watering, soak your plants thoroughly and deeply, circulating around the root
ball. Soaking the soil deeply makes a plant's roots grow downwards in search of that water - producing a healthy plant. Conversely, by watering too often or without watering thoroughly only the top of the soil will get wet. The roots of the plant will have no reason to grow downward and will stay very shallow. The result is a poorly rooted and unhealthy plant.

The frequency which you will water new plant installations will depend on the plants, their location, and the temperature. When temperatures rise above 85 degrees you may need to be watering every day if the plants are in full sun. New trees and shrubs will need more water less often. A good technique to establish your trees and shrubs is to put your hose on a trickle and set it at the base of the plant for 20 to 30 minutes. You can also use a soaker hose and accomplish the same thing.

Generally the best time to water is in the morning. During the summer, watering in the morning or evening is fine. The heat of the day can cause quick evaporation. By avoiding the mid-day heat you will conserve water and ensure your plants are getting the water they need.

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